Shoes Market in China: Why Adidas is having an incredible success in China

Shoes Market in China: Adidas Case study

Adidas is a German company founded in 1949 by Adolf Dassler. The brand is specialized in the manufacture of sporting goods. Worldwide known as the « three-band brand » due to the three parallel bands that make up are logo. It is one of the most famous sports facilities in the world. In 1995, the group was listed on the Paris and Franckfort stock exchanges, and in 1997 it acquired the Solomon group, which included TaylorMade, Mavic and Bonfire. Adidas then changed his name and became Adidas-Solomon. In 2001, she bought the Canadian brand Arc’teryx outdoor equipment and this acquisition allowed her to position herself on outdoor sports. In 2003, he also acquired a share of TaylorMade-Adidas Golf, from Maxfli, manufacturer of golf balls and accessories. And this year she signed two major agreements for the group, the first was signed with Intersport International Corporation and the second with the Chinese Football Federation to support football in China. Since then, the brand had done market research in China in order to penetrate more.

Market research in China for the brand Adidas

As a crucial step, market research in China (and especially Store Checks Beijing) is more than necessary as it is the basis of business and marketing strategies. For the Adidas brand, they enable it to identify the expectations of its future clients, in particular their needs of dressing gown, that is to say, analyzes of trends and sectoral developments based on quantitative data and qualitative information. Thus, its usefulness is to reduce the risks of failure by avoiding to seek to sell unnecessary products in the retail industry in China. In China, given that it is a highly developed country, the brand could be so successful provided it does a good market research to fit into the long term. This allows him to make a good turnover and to reassure his financial partners on the success of his products.

Shoes Market in China: Adidas is more appreciated than ever

Adidas is now the leader in the European market and ranks second in the world ranking. It made an agreement with a conglomerate controlled by the richest man in China to sponsor sports events and digital advertising, promote football and basketball and open stores in shopping centers. In China, its success is mostly achieved after its advertising campaign on its new generation « Do sports during your waiting time », it referred to the waiting time for the subway before going to work. She had installed giant punching balls in the Metro stations of the big Chinese cities so that the users can vent and evacuate their stresses. This campaign was a huge success and had very positive results. Already, in China young people practice a lot of sports, Adidas has encouraged them to do more with their sports equipment. Adidas therefore continues its great march forward in the Middle Empire where its sales explode. The brand is very successful in the country. Not surprisingly, the recipe for its success is based on its great popularity with consumers. The German giant is benefiting from a clientele with rising purchasing power and eager to indulge in sport as an element of well-being.

With a rather hectic start and rather difficult for the brand Adidas, it knew how to break into the market of the Middle Empire with as much audacity and it had the success that it so desired.